CHRIS STAIN -  N.9th St. (Wooden Cut out)

CHRIS STAIN - N.9th St. (Wooden Cut out)

Chris Stain

Titled “N.9th St. (Wooden Cut out)”
Measures – 23.5”w X 35.5”h
3 dimensional/laser cut/hand colored spray paint/ wood stain
Box framed.
UNIQUE- One of a kind

“Originally photographed by Martha Cooper in East New York and previously painted by me as a 2-d work on metal. The concept of cutting the stencil into wood and hand coloring came about a few years back when i first got my hands on a tool called the “rotozip.” Due to the limitations of the tool itself i contacted my friends at BLACKBOOKSTENCILS.COM who vectorized and laser cut the images for me.
This piece itself in its different incarnations represents the freedom and adventure that companions adolescence.”


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