SWOON - "Huahuapan de Leon" (blue)

SWOON - "Huahuapan de Leon" (blue)

swoon Title “Huahuapan de Leon” (Blue)
2 color silkscreen print with hand staining- Each print is unique: the paper is hand stained and varies greatly.
signed/edition of 250.
Printed on Heavy book board.
This is a portrait of a woman sewing a soccer ball. Every soccer ball sold anywhere in the world takes at least a day’s labor to piece together. The threads inside of each ball are grey with the oils from the hands of the person who sewed it. I was introduced to the women of Huahuapan de Leon because alongside their craft sewing balls, they have organized a worker’s cooperative and are beginning to fight for the rights of indigenous people and women in the south of Mexico. With this portrait I honor the labor that goes into each object that they create, as well as the work that they are doing to bring about social change.

About the Artist


Swoon (American, b.1977) is a notable Street artist, who has contributed to the Pop Art movement. She was born in New London, CT, and raised in Daytona Beach, FL. The artist’s real name is Caledonia Dance Curry. In 1997, Swoon moved to New York, where she obtained a BA in Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.

One of her most recognized pieces is called Anthropocene Extinction. Swoon’s signature works include life-size human forms that she creates from recycled newsprint paper. It takes her weeks to paint and cut out each figure in her studio, and once the forms are complete, she takes them to the streets of New York and glues them to the side of buildings using wheat paste. When Swoon first began creating Street Art, she focused her energy on things that were meant to disappear and her ability to let them go. The creations are not as permanent as spray paint, but they stay around for a long time. The art works eventually either flake or rot away. In order to find a spot to hang her works of art, Swoon rides around the streets of New York looking for appropriate places. Once she locates a space that is large enough and that receives a lot of visibility, she hangs the art alone. You can find her creations on trash cans, light poles, walls, doors, rooftops, and sidewalks within the city of New York; the figures have gained critical acclaim.

Swoon was heavily influenced by Gordon-Matta-Clarke who was well-known for his temporary works in the city streets. In his series Building Cuts, he went on location to buildings that were scheduled to be demolished and created works of art from sections he had cut from doorways, walls, floors, and ceilings. Swoon does not classify her work as destructive or illegal because it is not permanent, but her artwork is classified under the category of defacement of property. She often does her work in the middle of the day, and various projects have been exhibited in Shoreditch, London, at the Black Rats Projects. Swoon currently lives and works in New York.