CAP - "Cap over Cap over Cap" Painting"

Cap  "Cap over Cap over Cap" Acrylic, Spray Paint, and Paint Marker on Canvas.
24 х 20 in.
Signed, verso, 2010.

king capone, is an ultimate legend of the graffiti culture, his accomplishments first as a progressive writer in new york cities graffiti movement was about getting up, and as an artist has proven himself, an artist true to our culture with a name that will stand the test of time as being about conquering new ground/more, with over 30yrs as a writer/artist cap is one of the cultures most accomplished artist doing thousands of throwups and pieces in his time on the trains of new york as well as painting in 7 countries and doing many more. adding his famous cap throwup to projects for companies that he has been involved with. cap continues to paint the hell out of anything, doing projects with seen and cope as well as many other friends. here is a chance to purchase a true piece of art history with these n.y. subway maps that are hand painted by cap. truly a must to round off any collection of graffiti.



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